44 Songs For 44 Presidents


"POTUS (Coitus)"

A song inspired by our 42nd President, Bill Clinton, as performed by 

State Of Affairs.


State of Affairs is an ad-hoc supergroup of some of Chicago’s most talented (some say notorious) musicians. They have all worked together at some point in the past and the present, and hope to do more things in the future.

John Bliss: electric piano, vocals
Brandon Campbell: saxophone
John Szymanski: drums, guitar, bass, Mellotron, percussion, key flute
Bethany Thomas: vocals (one take!)
Curtis Williams: organ, spoken word
and introducing Rob Hirsch: vocals

Engineered & mixed by John Szymanski
Produced and Directed by the Two Johns
Mostly recorded at Chateau Bliss in May 2013 and March 2014, with a bunch of stuff recorded at Brass Pajama in the interim.


"That IS Adams, Commissioner."

From Sid:
The name of the composition for John Quincy Adams (the 6th president) is entitled: “That IS Adams, Commissioner.”

It was performed live on “Make Art! Make Music! Make Love!” my weekly internet radio program, (Thursday, May 9, 2013) by my improvising orchestra, Sid Yiddish And His Candy Store Henchmen.

The following personnel/instruments are on the track:
Sid Yiddish, conductor-creaking studio microphone holder;
Chad Chambers-trumpet, slide whistle/recorder;
Dr Nothing-toy keyboard;
The Magpie-melodica;
Sart Spitskin-violin;
Shabbas Goy-percussion & The Slurve-mini synthesizers.


Sid Yiddish And His Candy Store Henchmen were born conceptually during Sid’s month-long tour of Eastern Denmark in Spring 2010 at the venue Bolsjefabrikken in Copenhagen, Denmark. In December 2010 he fused 6 musicians together plus an aging female German Shepherd, and the improvising orchestra was born. The orchestra functions as a loose membership collective as there are no regular players, meaning the band’s personnel changes constantly from performance to performance, thereby keeping the music vibrant.

Although Sid himself blends into the orchestra at times, as composer, musician and performer, he is the conductor & employs a number of hand conducting physical gestures. Candy Store Henchmen have performed on WNUR, WZRD, WGN-AM & at 1901 Gallery, Produce, Green Mill Jazz Lounge, Chicago Calling, Manifest, Make Music Chicago & America’s Got Talent. When not conducting Candy Store Henchmen, Sid can often be found composing industrial interactive pieces or performing solo shows in tight spaces around the world, blending throat singing, performance art and spoken word into one esoteric cloud of cosmic sound. Contact Sid at: sid.yiddish@gmail.com or like his orchestra’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sid-Yiddish-And-His-Candy-Store-Henchmen/383614908319797

Article and Interview!

The 44 Songs project has been gifted with an article and interview in the new local Chicago magazine ‘Inside Irving Park’, which is a hyperlocal periodical aimed at specific neighborhoods in the Chicago area. 
See below for a scan of it - pretty cool, I must say!


Also - hoping to have the rest of the Presidents posted soon. This project will continue to be updated until all have been accounted for!




Concept by Noah Ginex and Jennifer Gardner
Dialogue written by Noah Ginex
Music by Noah Ginex and Bryan Haney

12-String Guitar, 5-String Bass, No-String Harmonica
Bryan Haney

Shakey Egg, Tambourine, All Vocals
Noah Ginex

Recorded and Mixed at NGPC Studios, Chicago
January 2, 2013



The Noah Ginex Puppet Company, when not completely failing to write songs about Presidents, can currently be found producing The Jameson Talk Show, at http://www.thejamesontalkshow.com.

Pictured and Panned Left to Right in your Stereo Mix:
Tiny Bob, Ferdinand, Freddy, Esmerelda, Jameson, Edison The Pig, and Cardiac.

Photography by Greg Inda  http://www.greginda.com


"Lincoln On A Sunday Afternoon (Based on Historical Events)"

A four part operetta conceived by John Pierson and Paige Saliba about a day in the life of our 16th President.


Abraham Lincoln - John Bliss

Mary Todd Lincoln - Paige Saliba

Coach Driver - John Szymanski


Research, lyrics and melody by John Pierson and Paige Saliba

All instruments, musical score and sound design by John Szymanski

Piano and vocals recorded live (without headphones!) at Chateau Bliss, November 18, 2012 - all else done after that either at Brass Pajama or on location in Cincinnati. Engineered & mixed by JS.


John and Paige are living temporarily in Cincinnati, for reasons related to art. They can’t wait to get back to Chicago to continue their work in music and theater.  John is a Neo-Futurist alumni and novelist.  Paige is a Chicago actor and voice-over artist.  They recently collaborated with Joe Janes in his festival 7 Deadly Plays.  Together, they have worked on several other fun and weird projects including their relationship.

Photo by Joe Mazza @ Bravelux. http://bravelux.com/


"The Greatest American"

A song about our 40th President as written and performed by Jonas Friddle.


Jonas Friddle is a songwriter, performer, and teacher at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.  His band, Jonas Friddle & The Majority, plays a unique blend of stringband, swing, and rock and roll.  They can be found around the city and online at www.jonasfriddle.com


“His Accidency”

Tom DuFore has brought us a folky song about our 10th US President, John Tyler.



Tom DuFore is an entrepreneur by day and an indie rock artist by night.  Tom is grateful and thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this project.  John Szymanski, you are a musical genius! (Aww shucks-Ed.)

More of Tom DuFore’s music can be found at www.TomDuFore.com

Interview on WBEZ today! Link within!

For those of you who missed it, I was asked to appear on WBEZ’s “Morning Shift” program this morning, November 6th, to talk about the 44 Songs project and perform two songs live!

The below link contains the entire Morning Shift program, including my entire section, which features Emmy Bean’s “The Nourishment is Palatable”, a live rendition of “Smile George”, an interview, and a live rendition of “Silent Cal” featuring Gwynn Fulcher on lead vox!




A buoyant song about our 44th President, Barack Obama, by David Golan.


David Golan was born and currently lives in the United States of America. And he figures that’s really cool as he’s been repeatedly informed it’s the greatest nation on earth.

P.S. He is very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this project.


"November (Dear John)"

Sad Brad Smith has given us a fine song about John F. Kennedy, our 35th President.

He played and sang all of the things.


In his own words, Brad says “…for my bio you can just say I’m a straight songwriter from Chicago.”  He is currently finishing the mixing of a new record as we speak.